An eye for an eye will make the world blind mahatma Gandhi said once

But for an ophthalmologist it’s slightly different…we say a lens for lens will make you see well.

Ophthalmology a branch of medical science confined to the two small sockets of your orbit has undefined boundaries to explore. For an ordinary man eye surgeon only deals with red eye and cataract but this subjects engulfs an array of eye diseases we deal with. Everyone has been gifted with two beautiful eyes to see this beautiful creation of God. It’s our responsibility to take care of this sight once you lose it.

From just dropping the cataractous lens behind in vitreous to implanting a new lens in its place with just a micro incision of 2mm without even poking your eye ball with anesthetic injections this branch has reached the horizon of development. Cosmetic enhancement of lid, micro retinal surgeries, glaucoma drainage devices fitted in your eyeball or even using a robot to mark the boundaries of anterior capsule of lens, I don’t think any field of surgery would have made this much of progress.

Along with all this new discoveries we have stuck to society’s need of proving free eye care health services to porn and needy we can proudly say we are the one who give make you see.

I personally feel that after joining this institute I have improved in all aspects of my life rest apart my subject. I can easily say my decision to join sitapur eye hospital is the best I have made. This hospital has given me so many memories to cherish for life. Today, I look forward to various undergoing researches in ophthalmology so that we could improve ourselves and provide better eye care. I also hope and wish sitapur eye hospital to reach the epitome of success.