Type of Events
04 Sept 19
“CME On Eye Donation” Organized by Sitapur Eye Hospital,Sitapur
20-21 July 19
Workshop “ Glaucoma Skill” Speakers: Dr Rajiv Nath, Dr Sunil Kumar Singh
06 June 19
An update on “Management of Dry Eyes” Organised by Alcon India Ltd. Speakers: Dr Prasoon Pandey
05 March 19
Discution of Glaucoma and case presentation on Glaucoma. Dr Devendra Sood, President of Glaucoma Society of India.
14 August 18
Mestro Webinar Series-Topic:-“Enhancing Outcomes with Premium IOLs (Extended Range of Vision IOLs) Dr Jeewan Singh Titiyal
17 July 18
Topics:- “Ocular Allergies” Dr Prasoon Pandey, “Corneal Complications of Cataract Surgery” Dr Prasoon Pandey
10 July 18
"Achieving Quiet Eye Post Difficult Cataract Surgery”- Dr Sukant Pandey,“ FFA: Interpretation and Relevance” Dr Sukant Pandey
03 July 18
Workshop“ TORIC IOL Implantation” Speaker Dr Vinit Sah
15 June 18
Mestro Webinar Series- “Role of Technology In Building A Premium Practice” -Dr Kumar Doctor,“Mastering Patient Conversion & IOL Recommendation” – Dr S.P.S. Grewal
28-29 April 18

"12th Midterm Conference UPSOS"

27 March 18

"Spectacle prescription to children” Dr P Vijaylakshmi

23-24 Sept 17
"Netra Sangam"
05 August 2017
"Cornea for the general ophthalmologists (Symposium)"
16 Mar 2017

"Glaucoma early detection diagnosis and management" Live web cast of Dr P . Sathyan