Upcoming Events


Type of Events
10 Oct 19
On 10 Oct 2019 World Sight Day Celebration.Bike Rally,Poster Painting Competition and Cultural Evening Program on theme
04 Sept 19
“CME On Eye Donation” Organized by Sitapur Eye Hospital,Sitapur
20-21 July 19
Workshop “ Glaucoma Skill” Speakers: Dr Rajiv Nath, Dr Sunil Kumar Singh
06 June 19
An update on “Management of Dry Eyes” Organised by Alcon India Ltd. Speakers: Dr Prasoon Pandey
05 March 19
Discution of Glaucoma and case presentation on Glaucoma. Dr Devendra Sood, President of Glaucoma Society of India.
14 August 18
Mestro Webinar Series-Topic:-“Enhancing Outcomes with Premium IOLs (Extended Range of Vision IOLs) Dr Jeewan Singh Titiyal
17 July 18
Topics:- “Ocular Allergies” Dr Prasoon Pandey, “Corneal Complications of Cataract Surgery” Dr Prasoon Pandey
10 July 18
"Achieving Quiet Eye Post Difficult Cataract Surgery”- Dr Sukant Pandey,“ FFA: Interpretation and Relevance” Dr Sukant Pandey
03 July 18
Workshop“ TORIC IOL Implantation” Speaker Dr Vinit Sah
15 June 18
Mestro Webinar Series- “Role of Technology In Building A Premium Practice” -Dr Kumar Doctor,“Mastering Patient Conversion & IOL Recommendation” – Dr S.P.S. Grewal
28-29 April 18

"12th Midterm Conference UPSOS"

27 March 18

"Spectacle prescription to children” Dr P Vijaylakshmi

23-24 Sept 17
"Netra Sangam"
05 August 2017
"Cornea for the general ophthalmologists (Symposium)"
16 Mar 2017

"Glaucoma early detection diagnosis and management" Live web cast of Dr P . Sathyan