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Sitapur Eye Hospital Civil Lines Sitapur,
Uttar Pradesh- 261001.

Phone No - 05862-242884

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Hospital timings -
8.00 A.M to 5:00 P.M

Sunday and holiday -
8.00 A.M to 1.00 P.M.

(Emergency 24 HOURS , Eye Bank 24 HOURS )

Base Hospital Sitapur Doctors

OPD Days Speciality Contact No.
Col (Dr.) Madhu Bhadauria Tue, Thur, Sat Phaco, Glaucoma, Cornea transplant,  Oculoplasty, Medical Retina 
Col (Dr.) Y.S. Sirohi Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri Phaco, SICS, IOL
Dr V. K. Pal Mon, Tue, Thur, Sat Phaco, SICS, Laser DCR M.No. 9415035067
Dr Vandana Gangwar Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat Phaco, SICS, Glaucoma M.No. 9451258861
Dr. VPS Tomar Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri Retina,Uvea ,Phaco, SICS
Dr Sandeep Sharma Tue, Wed, Thur, Sat Phaco, SICS, IOL M.No. 9415556025
Dr. C.P. Gupta Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri SICS, IOL
Dr. Arpita Dev Burman Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat SICS, IOL
Dr. Suniti Mahendra Tue, Thur, Fri, Sat SICS, IOL
Dr. Ganesh Kalyan Sethi
Dr. Rashi Sharma
Dr. Misba Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat SICS, IOL
Dr. Shewta Mon, Wed, Thur, Sat SICS, IOL
Dr. Shilpi Sethi Anaesthesiologist, Critical care & Paediatrics M.N0. 9839001216
Visiting Surg.
Dr. Abhishek Dixit
Base Hospital Sitapur followed by other Branches
1 Dr. Ramesh Chandra Superintendent Allahabad 9415309615
2 Dr. Tarun Patel M.O.I./C Azamgarh 9451364736
3 Dr. D.K. Singh M.O.I./C Ballia 9415156365
4 Dr. V.V. Siddhu Superintendent Bareilly 9412604952
5 Dr. A. K. Katiyar M.O.I./C Deoria 9451414404
6 Dr. Sufiyan Ahmad M.O.I./C Dhampur  8191845786
7 Dr. Ajay Pal Singh M.O.I./C Fatehgarh 8923957466
8 Dr. C.P. Kalra Superintendent Ghazipur 9415242542
9 Dr. G. K. Srivastava M.O.I./C Gonda 9450696413
10 Dr. R.C. Dua M.O.I./C Mirzapur 9415263079
11 Dr. N.K.Baliyan M.O.I./C Pilibhit 9557883763
12 Dr. S.K. Singh M.O.I./C Pratapgarh 9415364263
13 Dr. Ravi Bhatia Superintendent Rae Bareli 9415034741
Dr. Shyam Kamal M.O.I./C Rae Bareli 9541017754
14 Dr. Puneet Tondon M.O.I./C Shahjahanpur 9839010921
15 Dr. Jyoti Bhatt Superintendent Lucknow 9839466039
16 Dr. Arbab Alam M.O.I./C Bageshwar 9412086444
17 Dr. Sufiyan Ahmad M.O.I./C Gopeshwar 8191845786
18 Dr. Arbab Alam M.O.I./C Haldwani 9412086444
19 Dr. A.K.Saraswat M.O.I./C Kashipur 9412894947
20 Dr. Sufiyan Ahmad M.O.I./C Kotdwar  8191845786
21 Dr. Arbab Alam M.O.I./C Nainital 9412086444
22 Dr. Arbab Alam M.O.I./C Pithoragarh 9412086444
23 Dr. Arbab Alam M.O.I./C Srinagar 9412086444