We aim to provide curative, preventive and rehabilitative care to the community along with information, education and communication (IEC) programmes to boost service delivery to potential patients in the community. Collaboration with and support of community leaders as well as non governmental and community based organisations is another important aspect of the outreach programme framework. Some activities that are an integral part the community outreach programmes are: eye camps, school screening programme, and collaborations with ASHA and ASHA Sanginis to use the resources to spread the message, referrals of eye patients and carry out basic eye screening in villages.

Eye Camp - At present, SEH holds six to nine camps every week throughout the Year. The module operation for each camp is clearly established:

  • A local community worker/non-governmental organisation or community basedorganisation with credentials for community work is identified as the camp sponsor. This person/organisation is responsible for publicity/promotion of the camp – through word of mouth, poster/banners, loudspeakers, volunteers - to nearby villages and remote areas to ensure that the community is informed of the date and venue of the camp. The space, furniture, and basic organisation are also the responsibility of the sponsor.
  • SEH sends 10 personnel for each camp including a doctor, paramedical and administrative staff who are aided by the local volunteers.
  • The patient flow followed at each camp is: patient registration, preliminary vision testing, preliminary diagnostic examination, intraocular pressure and tear duct function test, refraction, final examination by the doctor, and patient counselling and admission of people who need further attention.
  • Transportation of the admitted patients to SEH by hospital vehicle for treatment
  • Treatment at the hospital and transportation of patients back to home
  • Review of treated patients at the nearest Vision Center or the next camp held at the same location or near by