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a)Your contribution can make eye care accessible to remote and interior parts by providingTransport, infrastructure &manpower. b)Awareness about available cures & treatments for eye problems could be increased. c)Support to ensure good eye sight of children, our future generation.

Donation Amount Needed: ₹ 39,87,100

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Programmes (80.00%)

As an organisation that works towards the best interest of the poor, we ensure to make the best use of our resources. Through your continuous support, children, their families and communities witness developments that open doors to lasting

  • 80% Programmes
  • 4% Funderaising
  • 7% Administration
  • 9% Monitoring & Evaluation

Just as our partners faithfully give towards the upliftment fo the poor, we are faithful in utilising the resources they trust us with.

When you sponsor a cause, you will receive

  • Satisfaction of helping a cause in need

  • Tax Benefits under sec 80G

  • An oppurtunity to visit our eye camps